Monday, July 28, 2008

"Jacksen, April 18, 1991, an average man

was born. However, in the next room, you came along. Jacksen, we have had the privilege of growing up with you and we would describe you as almost anything, but average. An average person is not as talented in so many facets of his life; an average man can not keep a straight face while looking slightly to the side and drumming with all his heart; an average man can not conquer the Expert levels of Guitar Hero without looking at the screen; an average man happily wears socks throughout his daily activities; an average man does not have such unchallenged movie and T.V knowledge at his command; an average man does not generate so much pain and sorrow with his departure.

You caused more joy to us than you probably know. Some of it was unaware to you. You’re fingers were so talented with a drumstick, that you tenor and bass section would lose interest in the teachers lecture just to watch you magically twirl your instrument during jazz choir. Of course we were just waiting for you to hit yourself in the face. This was a rare occasion, but you came pretty close, more than a few times. Jazz choir will not be the same, not seeing you walking in late every morning; your empty drum set will sadden our hearts. You were pretty much the best and you knew it! The memory of you on campus will remain with us. Walking the halls with a monster in hand, cap tilted at just the right angle, and your finger drumming away at some rhythm that would be impossible for the rest of us to comprehend. Some of our favorite stories have to do with you and your food. The maple bar, the brownie at the dance...classic! There are many other occurrences we could mention in your memories such as the time we transported that squirrel using only a wet cardboard box and our sense of humor, not letting your locker partner throw away your perfect 32-ounce green Monster can, the time you became over-protective of your cheesecake, those instances when your competitive nature suddenly shined brightly, usually when a scripture mastery chase was involved, of course a video game, all those erratic movements aligning to the rhythms of your favorite music (In more common terms, your head-banging), your progressively unsure decisions, your great pride taken in all your talents, your undeniably recognizable expressions and gestures. It is these Jacksen-esque moments and actions that no one can ever duplicate! Jacksen, you were one of our closest friends. We could go on about how great you were, or how much fun you were, or how unknowingly funny you were, but that will not change anything. What more can we say. All we can do is honor you. We are honored to have been with you for what short time you had - Above all your uncontested aspects, our greatest void will be the absent friendship. We will not be seeing you anymore, but we will see you again and we look forward to that day! Sincerely; your good friends, Eddy, Nathan, David, and Aaron"